The laser toenail fungus removal procedure kills the fungus on contact by directly damaging components of the fungal cell membranes. But the appearance of the toenail is not related to whether the fungus is living or dead. The funky appearance of a fungal toenail is more related to the damage the toenail fungus causes to the keratin in the toenail.  

The ugly thick, yellow appearance of fungal toenails is actually related to the separation of the keratin into distinct layers. The toe fungus grows within the toenail and separates the toenail plate, causing the toenail to become friable and crumble. When the toenail keratin separates, light refracts unevenly through the toenail. The result is that the toenail appears yellow, white of otherwise discolored.  

The actual appearance of the fungal toenail will not change during the laser procedure. The laser will kill toenail fungus on contact during the laser treatment. But you will have to wait for the dead fungus and newly treated toenail to grow out.  

This is when the clear, healthy-appearing toenail will start to change. It takes about 8 months to one year for a new toenail to grow all the way out. So if your toenail is 50% yellow, it will likely take about 4-6 months for you to regrow the toenail.  

As the the toenail grows out, you of course will be trimming the funky, crusty, discolored toenail. As you trim the toenail, you will slowly see the clear healthy nail returning.  

Dr. Christopher Segler, DPM is Board Certified, American Board of Podiatric Medicine.  He believes the best podiatry practice combines cutting edge technology with the old-school convenience of house calls. He makes podiatry house calls for young active adults who want to get rid of their funky toenails as quickly as possibly. He brings the laser to homes and offices in the Houston Heights, Montrose and Cypress, Texas.  If you have a question about fungal toenail laser treatment, you can reach him directly at  713-489-7674.

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