When you have a toenail infection, the fungus is growing under, and within the toe nail. As the fungus grows, the fungus sheds spores which are basically toe fungus seeds. These spores can end up in your socks. If you don’t get rid of the spores you will be at a higher risk of getting the toenail fungus again even after you have successfully rid your toenails of the nail fungus with the laser fungus removal treatment. 

On strategy is to simply throw out all of your old socks and buy new ones. But this is usually not necessary. If you wash your socks in hot water, it should get rid of the fungus in your socks. 

Dr. Christopher Segler, DPM is Board Certified, American Board of Podiatric Medicine.  He believes the best podiatry practice combines cutting edge technology with the old-school convenience of house calls. He makes podiatry house calls for young active adults who want to get rid of their funky toenails as quickly as possibly. He brings the laser to homes and offices throughout the Houston Metro including the Montrose, Galleria and The Woodlands, Texas.  If you have a question about fungal toenail laser treatment, you can reach him directly at  713-489-7674.

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