Hi!  I am Dr. Segler and this video will explain Laser treatment for toenail fungus. 

Normally toenails are clear and healthy. But once they get infected with toenail fungus all of this changes. 

All it takes is for you to bump your toes up against the inside of the shoes where you get fungal spores stuck between the toenail and the nail bed underneath. Then the fungus starts to grow, and as it does it separates the layers of keratin within the toenail making the toenail thicker and causing the ugly discoloration you see on the surface of the toenail. 

To treat this your podiatrist moves the laser back and forth across the surface of the toenail in a grid pattern in order to destroy all of the fungus that is infecting the toenail. As the laser penetrates the toenail, the laser actually damages some of the cell components of the cell membrane of the fungus and starts to kill the fungus. The laser penetrates all the way through the toenail to kill the fungus. 

In this video you can see the laser moving back and forth across the surface of the toenail during an actual toenail fungus removal treatment. 

All you notice during the procedure is a little bit of warmth that might be generated as the laser kills the fungus. But after the procedure is over there is really no change in the appearance of the toenail at that time. The fungus is dead but you have to wait for the damaged areas of the toenail to grow out. You gradually trim off all of these damaged crumbly areas of the toenail over the next few months. Then you will have clear toenails.

If you think you have a fungal toenail you can actually call and talk directly to our podiatrist, or you can send a picture and we will take a look to see if laser treatment might work for you.  Call today! We do house calls to treat toenail fungus all over the Houston area. Call 

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