My middle toe has a black discoloration that I think might be toenail fungus. Can you advise whether I would benefit from your laser treatment or not. 

The third toe of my leftt foot has developed this black discoloration since the last week of March, two weeks after I hurt this toe by wearing uncomfortable boots at the Houston Rodeo all day.

Roger P., Houston, TX

The black discoloration at the base of the toe appears to be a bruise and not a black toenail fungus infection. The bruise should grow out gradually. As the toenail grows you will begin to see clearing at the base of the toenail. This will take several months. 

Even though you do not appear to have a fungal infection (only a bruise) in the 3rd toenail, you could be susceptible to fungus due to the trauma. For this reason you should make sure you do the following. 

1. Treat any athlete's foot with an over-the-counter anti-fungal powder, cream or spray. Apply to all of the peeling areas for  about 2-4 weeks. Continue applying to the feet for at least a week after the peeling has stopped to make sure you have cured the fungus.
2. Treat the inside of your shoes with the Steri-Shoe Ultraviolet Sanitizer to kill the fungus in your shoes.
3. Alternate your shoes (never wear the same pair 2 days in a row) to reduce your risk of getting athlete's foot and toenail fungus. 

It will take about 3-4 months before you notice any clearing at the base of the toenail. The bruise will gradually move out toward the end of the toe as the nail continues to grow. It may take 8-10 months for the bruise to resolve as the toenail grows all the way out. 

If you start to notice any yellow/white areas of discoloration on the toenail, or an increase in thickness of the toenail, it might indicate a fungal toenail infection. If this happens, you can send another picture to us. We can then discuss it to see if the laser toenail fungus treatment would be helpful to eradicate the fungus. 

You can learn more about black toenails and other minor running injuries here. If you live and San Francisco and need laser treatment toenail fungus removal treatment click here

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