A toenail fungus infection usually starts on one specific toenail. But once the toenail fungus starts to grow in one toenail, it can spread to the other toenails.

A fungal infection within the toenail leads to fungal spores (which are basically the seeds that sprout new fungus).  By the time you actually notice the visible changes with in the nail plate,  you have been shedding fungal spores into your socks and shoes. If the spores get under the other toenails and start to grow than you might have an early toenail infection in the neighboring toes on the same foot.

If you treat the one big toenail that clearly has discoloration, yellowing, thickening and looks like it has an obvious fungal infection, the laser treatment will likely kill the fungus within this toenail.  However, there might be an early fungal infection in the neighboring toes.  

When the toenail fungus infection begins,  there may not be any visible deformity of the nail plate that would make you suspect that it is infected with fungus.  Because you could potentially have infection the continued to grow in the other toes it is a good idea to treat all of the toes on any foot that seems to have fungal toenails. This maximizes your chances of getting a cure.

It is always best to make sure that you can eliminate as many sources of reinfection as possible.  By treating all of the toes at the same time and then treating your shoes to make sure that you remove the fungal spores, you will have the best chances of a successful laser treatment.

Dr. Christopher Segler, DPM is board certified, American Board of Podiatric Medicine.  He believes that the best medicine can be fast, convenient and low-cost treatment. His innovative housecall podiatry practice model helps to keep costs down for patient with making expert care more convenient than ever.  

If you have a tight work schedule we can even see you in your own office.  We often do house calls for executives so that they can be seen between meetings.  When there is no time to waste, a house call is definitely the best treatment and just what the doctor ordered!  

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If you have a question about toenail fungus and wonder whether or not the laser fungus removal treatment might be right for you, you can call and speak directly with a toenail expert by calling  713-489-7674.  And yes, you will actually get to speak with the doctor.

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